Friday, July 24, 2009

Lazy la~

Lazy le~
To update blog even though I want to.
Chill le.
Soon it will be back.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A new day at college was cool. Had to wake up early. -,- as in 0730 AM!!! Haha. People just start school but I just wake up. Veli lazy~ :3
Drove to college, reach there like 0815 like that. Drop my bag of at class and went breakfast. They only have white coffee, Nescafe ilek. Sat at a side stare out to the main road. Feels . . . . relaxing~
Once the clock reach 0840 / 0850. It will eventually get crowded. Canteen, lifts, basicly the whole college le. Haha. I don't really like the lifts system. 1 lift for car park only, 1 like for G, 1st - 6th floor, another G, 6th - 10th floor, 1 lift losak and ONLY 1 lift for the entire buildings. So that will be the main busy lift. Haih! Sadly have to wait and all. Very lazy to wait.
Sometime from Canteen which is on the first floor, I might walk up to like 4-5 floor . If the situation needs me too. BUT! haha. There is a emergency lift near the staircase. Which many students don't know. So sometime crowded at the normal lift then I'll just say " hey, lets take the other lift ". Haha. Faster!
Lunch went Summit, jalan jalan first. It was kinda empty wei! Looks big and all but once you walk more, you will realise there are many shops not opened even though they have sign boards there. Wierd~ Arcade was small. Didn't expect it to be that small. Cinema? Not sure. Haven't been there before. Then want to cut cost, makan MCD. Haha. RM 6 ne.
Went off for MP. Was ok. There were Tersirat things behind what Mr. Lee asked today. Hu Hu. So tomorrow will be at college with my team. Haha. Need to tell them and update them about this.
Then a. . . . . Lazy to type d. Hahahaha! want to sleep~ ( Jien )

Friday, May 29, 2009

Hey people, today was a boring day at home. Was just at home the whole day. Woke up late, eat, online, watched vids, sleep again. LOL! Basicly boring le my day. Nothing much to surprise you guys. Damn sien. Songs also don't know which one to choose. Can online but don't know what to do. Facebook also slow due to Malaysian Internet BEST Services. Haih! Malaysia~
Don't know how am I gonna do my 108 tonight. Hurm~

Anyway, take care people.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hey guys. It's been a very long time since I on my blog. Was busy with work, college, bla bla bla. Until like " Ayah! Lazy update le. XP " So finally got mood and I'm in a Happy mood tonight so blog o. :3

Today went to college to settle some stupid payment. Security Depo. I wonder what was it for. Was it really that important a? Don't know. Maybe someone just want to do there job so, normal le. Made payment with my Dad cheque. Onlined in the morning. I realized that internet these days are so FREAKING SLOW!!! ><><


P1 I see and hear from people that it is current the best and going to be better. Hehe. Must pujuk my mother to get it. Hehe.

Then, went to college. FINALLY AND OFFICIALLY on the road alone. Hahaha. Was so happy and bit nervous. Nervous because first time ma. So bit bit o. Then went on KESAS highway. VROOOOMMMM~~~ Hahahaha. Went 110km/h on a Kancil wei. Auto sadly. Haha. A bit happy but very scared car spoil. Lol! Later halfway on the way to college, car break down then I die. >< Sakit hati~

Went college then made payment, got some infos~ and sadly, did not really park properly. IT WAS OK! only. . . . A bit out. XP TEEHEE!
Then! Went to school. Visit friends and teacher. Chat with Aunty Judy too. Then vroom vroom. Cabut go Old Town. Ilek car park so park so far. Veli hot~
Watched GADOH at DZ. They were kinda into it as I see. Good o! Keat! I want to help KOMAS publisied it. HEHE! So cool le the movie. Seriously! But not everybody will understand it and all le. But hope it can touch the people who understand it.
Finally, the Foosball table is color managed. Lol! Sorry Keat. ><
Then sent Darren back home. Didn't know he stayed at there. Thought he was staying in a 2 floor house or something like that.
I am proud that I actually went home early even though I was driving. TEEHEE!!! ^^

So this was my today life. Don't know where the Happy mood come from. Sadly~
Anyway, have a great holi to those in school. Wish me luck for my coming exams. SHIT!!! ><
Mid Term is like a month away and Finals is like 2 months away. OMG!!!

Take care,

Ps: I love X team ^^

Monday, April 6, 2009

Have you ever had the feeling like she is someone?
Have you ever liked someone at first sight?
Do you think "love at first sight" is true?

Well, time will tell.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Knowing the movie

The movie Knowing was cool. Nice, Wicked. Haha. Was with Arthur, Hanif and a new friend named Shalin I think. Haha. Arthur liked the movie, I, Hanif and Shalin was like ok ne. Was a cool movie. The background sound was really too much. As in, volume le. It was worst then being there in that situation. They made it too loud d. A lot of people was like closing there ear when it came to the loud parts. But over all it was good. I've heard on the radio that Nic Cage son was in the movie as one of the leading actor. Not really sure le. Then, interviewed Nic Cage and they said that he was kinda freaked out after the movie because it was like kinda nature thing. Don't know why. But well the movie is kinda wicked too. Haha. Watch it.

It was on a Sunday. As usual, I went early to buy tickets. I was suprised that the cinema was kinda empty. But it was on a Sunday maybe people was at church. Then, was at arcade racing till the others came. After they came, we went to Asian Avenue and ate breakfast/lunch at a shop. The price was kinda expensive but was ok le the taste. Then walked around then saw this TV showcase and they were giving out free money. If you are able to catch it le.

A few guys was luckily choosen so they were asked to stand inside a container filled with money and a blower at the bottom. So they had to catch it within 20 seconds and it wasn't really easy you know. There were RM 1-50. I told the others " It's hard to catch wei. I mean RM 1 and RM 50 color is almost the same and it's so difficult to see" and they agreed.

Then, there was this Maxis/iPhone booth and I straight away went to it and toke a brousher. Hahaha. iPhone die hard fan. Hahaha. Then, we went for the movie. It was crowded suddenly. Then while walking to the movie, I saw MonkeyLim. Hahaha. Surprised! Lol. She was with her family watching the same movie as me but a few rows in front of me ne.

After movie, went Asia Cafe. Haha. Pool!~ Shanil drove us there with his new MYVI SE. Cool~
Then, we pooled till like 0530 because it was gonna rain very heavily.

The best part and most funny part was. . . ARTHUR AU!!! While we were leaving the car park to AC. He was like the worst navigator EVER!!! OMG! He toke Shanil to the opposite direction and the other cars were like horning and flashing at us and everybody was like kan cheong d. Hayuh! I tell you a. That stupid Arthur a. Hayuh! Cannot sit infront d. NEVER LET HIM SIT IN FRONT!!! NEVER!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

City Of Ember

Hi, today watched this movie with Andrew and Thong. Ok ne le. Moral value show. Not really interesting. On the other hand, today a lot of students at Mid Valley wei! Haha. I was like OMG! So crowded. Didn't know it would be that crowded. XP After movie played Pool and Foosball. Saw lot of friends asking for a challege. Sadly win and lost. Heart pain~ Must train d. Cannot lose.